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Want to join FÁMMY FÆY?

Customers choose us because:

From the familiar to the exotic, our customers demand the best. They don’t settle for whatever’s on the shop shelves this week. Why would they, when we offer 100% authenticity, over 3 times the selection… and deliver right to their doorstep?


Customers trust FÁMMY FÆY to provide fast, reliable shipments of products because we prioritise on good service and quality. 


We want more agents to sell and distribute our ranges of fine fragrances because we believe our top-quality perfumes will be really easy to sell and exceptionally affordable.


For you, this opportunity to become a perfume agent represents the simple, ideal way to earn a second income that fits in with your primary job’s schedule, and is an opportunity that very few people who require extra money will refuse nowadays


Let’s talk. A knowledgeable, friendly representative responds to every inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you!