About Perfumes


“I always write ‘Magic Potion’ on my perfume bottles so when I use them, it feels magical — I make spells in the morning when I put them on.” – Alexa Chung
“The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully, someone else’s.” – Elizabeth Taylor

The ideal scent seals your beauty, just as the ideal shoes complete your ensemble. Your preferred scent is a reflection of who you really are—your hidden sensuality. Too many people disregard the relevance of their perfume selection because they don’t realise that smelling nice is not enough. It’s important to express your individuality by donning the fragrance that best captures who you are.


Our moods are just as diverse as women, who have various facets. You want to appear formidable, right? Opt for seductive fusions of wild grasses and exotic plants. You want to sound cheery, right? Jasmine blends beautifully with delicate floral notes to produce a powdery scent ideal for carefree outdoor activities and cheerful occasions. You wish to conceal your identity? Bergamot, vanilla, and other exquisite floral extracts with strong fragrances can work. Never leave your home odourless, no matter how you want to present yourself to the outside world.


The imperceptible dose of confidence that reveals a person’s good taste is perfume. It is the silent grace that increases your attractiveness quotient. It is also a subtle energy that lingers in one’s memory. So, take your time choosing a scent that suit you well.


Not just the face and the body contribute to beauty; your sense of smell also plays a part. Give them a lovely memory to cherish you by. Shop at FÁMMY FÆY™ right away and let our helpful team help you choose the perfect scent.


Sometimes smelling clean and fresh is insufficient. We occasionally require something extra to enhance our scents. The use of fragrant flowers and spices is frequently effective, but as humanity has progressed, so have our tastes. As more sources were discovered, variation and change began to abound.


The delicate strength of each distinct aroma is communicated by the compounds gleaned from the many sources. To the benefit of the perfume business, these are continually being discovered and rediscovery.


Perfume is a very fascinating smoke. In the ancient, smoke was reserved for the gods. Ancient rituals involving the burning of animals and even human sacrifices to appease the gods resulted to perfumery. Later, there is no difference in how myrrh and incense are used. All around the world, millions of altars have been adorned with these smells.


The golden age of perfumery began when people realised that practically every part of plants, even the strangest and sweetest flowers, could be used to make perfumes. This included a wide range of fruits as well. Later, a far wider range for complex fragrances was made possible by the discovery of animal odours like musk and civet, which can keep the sweeter and softer notes longer.


These days, sophisticated scents can convey almost any emotion. These chemical combinations are used by chemists to construct characters. When they’re ready to sell it, they put them in lovely bottles with place cards and labels. Before it reaches the market, there is a protracted, complicated, and highly chemical trial-and-error procedure. The primary goal of all of this, though, is the same as what people aim to appease when they burn offerings at altars to the gods. When you open a bottle to sniff it, it is primarily what you want to get.


It makes sense why we work so hard to find the ideal fragrance.

There are some things we cannot take for granted in this day and age given how much is going on around us and how quickly time seems to be passing. One is how we look. Maintaining a good appearance is a sign of self-respect, not vanity. Second only to that is how you smell. Your choice of fragrances is crucial. It can enhance your personality and sense of flair.


You may be wondering just what to consider when selecting fragrances. Choosing a fragrance in a store might be difficult due to the abundance of options. Most of us have a tendency to simply smell as many as we can, believing that by doing so, we may select the alternative that is ideal for us. But if we smell more than three samples at once, our sense of smell becomes dull, just as our brain becomes confused by matter loading. Keep in mind that nothing worthwhile can be hurried. So, just wait till you return in an hour to try on more samples if you still can’t decide after trying on three samples of different fragrances.


Before visiting the perfume stores, keep the following in mind. It is useful to keep in mind that there are three notes in fragrances. Basically, this is how the perfumes are built.

  • TOP NOTE: The initial scent of a perfume is referred to as its top note. It is made up of molecules that vanish swiftly.
  • MIDDLE NOTE: This note is also known as the heart note. The heart note emerges after the top note fades after ten minutes. Up to an hour is spent with it on.
  • BASE NOTE: After the middle note has ended, this is the last phase and what remains


You will have a better understanding of how your perfume performs when it is sprayed now that you are aware of the notes. However, that is not where it ends. There is still work to be done. I have some advice to aid your exploration:


Choose the ideal perfume based on your particular preferences: Most individuals stick with a single scent of perfume, or as they like to call it, a signature scent. This is fine since having a distinctive scent helps people recognise you, but if we stick with the same perfume for as long as anyone can remember, it can start to resemble a uniform. If that’s the case, you are no longer expressing yourself through your fragrance. Therefore, it’s best to change it occasionally. Knowing your go-to smell all the time might be a relief and a time saver, but having options is also a good thing. It’s best to keep three bottled perfumes of different smells. For any situation, you are prepared with options.


When shopping for perfume, keep your skin type in mind. Dry skin is unable to retain the scent for very long. As a result, it is advised to spritz on while the skin is still damp after a shower or to use moisturiser first. The aroma will last longer. On the other side, people with oily skin are fortunate since the perfume’s chemicals will stay on their skin for a longer period of time. It is best to speak with your dermatologist before using perfumes if you have sensitive skin.


Choosing the appropriate fragrance for the occasion and the location: The setting of an event can indicate the type of perfume you should wear in addition to dictating what you can wear. Highly intense scents are not necessary for indoor or compact spaces. The large number of attendees and their individual scents can eventually blend together in the confined space and create an offensive odour. Choose softer smells instead.


On the other hand, outdoor events and activities provide just as many options as the area. Because of the open air and space outside, you are free to wear any type of fragrance and in any concentration. Just keep in mind that excessive sun exposure can impact your body temperature and that as you perspire, the smell begins to dissipate.


While in the store: Most enthusiasts find purchasing perfume to be fun. The process of discovery shouldn’t be hampered by excitement, though. It is not recommended to make hasty perfume selections. So, be patient when making a decision or even when making a purchase.


Shop assistants always have fragrant paper strips on hand to offer to customers in their vicinity. Do not be afraid to give it a shot. It can help you decide what to buy, but before making a purchase, make sure to try the product on your skin


Ask for the sample on the bottle if a certain scent appeals to you rather than on a plastic container, where salesperson typically transfer a small amount and use it as a tester. Any liquid fragrant product’s aroma and concentration might vary depending on the container. Wait 10 minutes before smelling after spraying straight on your wrist. This enables the aroma to truly come through, giving you a better scent to guide your decision.


Application and storage: Using the product is the next best thing after buying it. When we reach home, we can all become too elated to try it on. However, there are a few things to keep in mind both before and after application in order to get the most out of your perfume.


Clean skin: It’s recommended to apply lotion or moisturiser to the areas where you will subsequently apply perfume after taking a shower or bath. Skin that is moist retains scent longer.


Application: It is best to apply your perfume straight on your pulse points for the best results and to get the most out of it. It is warmer than all the other areas since it is where your blood flows the strongest. Lightly dab and let it air-dry on your skin. Avoid going on a spritz-frenzy at the same time. The appropriate amount will be sufficient.


When applying perfume on clothing, be cautious as some textiles are sensitive to specific chemical ingredients. To ensure that each perfume spray covers a larger area, keep your distance of 5 to 6 inches from the fabric and use cautiously when applying it to your clothing.
Storage: Keep your perfume out of direct sunlight and other heat sources. Make sure to keep it in a cool, dry area. It will last longer if you follow this advice. Observe the bottle caps as well. It slows evaporation and restricts perfume contamination.


We are delighted to have assisted you if you find these useful. You are now prepared to go perfume-hunting. Happy shopping!